Your New English Programs May Not Be Compliant

1. Map Your Outcomes Across the Year.

This means, all of the 9 new outcomes, for the Senior syllabus, appear at least once in each of your programs. Most of the time they appear more than once.

So you have mapped all of your outcomes across the year for the new curriculum?


2. This outcome mapping must be across each course.

For: English Extension, English Advanced, English Standard and English Studies.

Well Done if you have completed this exhausting task.

3. What about the descriptors?

The 9 new outcomes are not all that is required for your programs.

Look at the dot points under each outcome.

If you cannot remember some of the following descriptor comments, then you have NOT added them to your programs and YOU ARE NOT COMPLIANT.

English Extension Year 11:

  • apply skills in research methodology and independent investigation to compose well-referenced critical and creative texts.

English Extension Year 12:

  • justify choices of mode and media for their extended composition based on an astute grasp of purpose, audience and context.

English Advanced Year 11:

  • understand the contemporary application of Aboriginal cultural protocols in the production of texts in order to protect Indigenous culture and intellectual property.

English Advanced Year 12:

  • evaluate how particular thematic, aesthetic, generic and technological elements represent personal and public worlds and reflect on how this influences how texts are valued.

English Standard Year 11:

  • refine vocabulary choices to discriminate between shades of meaning, with deliberate attention to the effect on audiences.

English Standard Year 12:

  • recognise and evaluate different interpretations of texts that derive from different perspectives.

English Studies Year 11:

  • monitors and reflects on aspects of their individual and collaborative processes in order to plan for future learning.

English Studies Year 12:

  • uses appropriate strategies to compose texts for different modes, media, audiences, contexts and purposes.

Breaking Out into a Sweat?

There are Multiple Descriptors under EVERY outcome.

If you have not mapped the descriptors, you need to:

  • Panic slightly

  • Make a coffee, tea or alternate beverage

  • Start with one syllabus at a time

  • Identify which descriptors suit your programs for that course

  • New elements may need to be added to your programs so that you can tick off all of the descriptors

  • Don’t be lazy and ignore the descriptors, as it will be your luck to be audited first!

Happy Planning and Good Luck,


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