S.O.S Principal! Your Head of English is Drowning, along with the Crew!

Feeling generous and allowing one, or some of your English staff, a day to plan for the new curriculum?

Thank you.

That may allow them to create a possible Scope & Sequence and select some texts to teach.

Sometimes, new texts are introduced and the teachers have not yet read them. The teachers need to decide whether or not the new texts are appropriate for your school and students.

Someone needs to read the books.

More time.

The age-old argument within schools: time.

I have taken the year off to write study guides, programs and lessons for time-poor English teachers, that align with the new curriculum – N.S.W Syllabus for the Australian curriculum.

Just this week, I have completed a unit on Henry Lawson for a school. It is absolute gold. Why? I had many weeks to complete it, reflect on it, research, move away from it, think about it and then finally edit.

In the past, I have written a Lawson unit - when I was time-poor. On reflection, it was rubbish.

The difference?


How can you help your Head of English and the English staff, keep their heads above water?

In Term 4 of this year, please consider:

  • When extra lessons need covering, don’t give them to the English staff, so they have time to focus on the curriculum.

  • Take bus duties off them, so that they may have some time in the afternoon.

  • If they are sitting around reading a novel, they are not bludging, they are researching for the new curriculum. Please be supportive.

  • Do the English teachers have to attend all of the staff meetings in Term 4? Would there be a chance that some staff meeting time, may be faculty time instead?

  • If you want quality programs, you team needs support.

One day, and even one week is not enough.

Please help where you can Principals.

If you feel that your team requires support, direct them to the following website:


They will find:

  • Programs for 2018.

  • Lessons and activities that they can incorporate into their own programming.

  • Practice examinations.

  • By signing up to the mailing list, teachers will be exposed to Tight Ar$e Tuesday, each week of every term. Free resources are available on Tight Ar$e Tuesday for all mailing subscribers.

  • Large Font Resources for Teachers and Students with Vision Impairments.

  • Customised programs for your school can also be organised:


Principals, it is time to throw out the life saver.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday,

Mil 😊

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