How to Plan and Implement the 2018 English Stage 6 Curriculum and Survive Auditing Part III

Don’t start contemplating a new career just yet.

Grab a warm soothing cup of tea and perhaps an indulgent looking biscuit and let’s begin for today…

Last week you chose your Year 12 texts:

1 x Prose Fiction

1 x Poetry OR Drama

1 x Nonfiction OR Film OR Media

2 x Module C short texts

5 Prescribed Texts in Total

Although the Year 12 course does not begin until Term 4 of 2018, you do need to plan from now. You have 5 prescribed texts, so you require 5 teachers to take responsibility for a text each.

What is required of each teacher?

  • Locate the actual texts and their prices, so that budgets can be organised.

  • Either set up a Google Classroom or electronic folder or cloud and place as many resources that you find for your prescribed text into that space.

  • Source ALL possible teacher resources for this text. Remember, you want your students to be competitive, so they need to read the same resources as their competitors.

  • Create your OWN resources for this text.

  • Look at the Module requirements for your text and the rubric. Create a program.

  • Allocate due dates for each task above, so that this mammoth task is not forgotten.

  • Planning now will reduce stress in the future and create a mentally healthy staff when the courses begin. Each teacher will have a sense of ownership and the overwhelming concept of implementing a new course/s is not so daunting when it is constructed by the team.

Your Year 11 texts for 2018

The syllabus states to:

“complete the common module as the first unit of work.”

Advanced – Common Module – Reading to Write (p.36 Advanced Syllabus)

From Rubric: “…careful selection of critical and creative texts.”

You need to read the whole rubric but at this stage you are thinking, what texts do we use NOW that we can use for this Module?

A very important question you must ask yourself first – is it on the H.S.C prescribed list? If it is, then you CANNOT use it!

Conveniently enough, I have created lessons and activities based on this Module.

Check out:

Reading to Write: Five Authors Package #1:

Reading to Write: Five Authors Package #2

Four Packages will be available in total plus a Program by the end of Term 2, 2017.

While you’re there, sort through the FREEBIES that are on offer:

Obviously now, you need to do the same thing for both the Standard Common Module and English Studies Mandatory Module.

Standard – Common Module – Reading to Write: Transition to Senior English

(p.46 Standard Syllabus)

English Studies – Mandatory Module – Achieving through English: English in education, work and community (p.52 English Studies Syllabus)

Daunting, isn’t it?

Perhaps we should talk about the Year 11 Modules next week, so that you are not overwhelmed?

Look out for:

How to Plan and Implement the 2018 English Stage 6 Curriculum and Survive Auditing Part IV

Wishing you a Productive Week,

Mil 😊

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